Solutions for Large Companies

Connect your systems directly to our platform through API, automating and improving your work.

Connect your systems directly to our platform through API, automating and improving your work.

Enterprise solutions for large companies allow the automation and management via text message of company processes and procedures, both administrative and for internal and external communications.

The use of the multiple text message system for company administrative procedures optimizes work and reduces activity times. 

Appointment reminder and calendar scheduling

It is possible to use text messages to remind users about appointments, planning when to send them directly from the calendar , this way  you can manage the creation of memos and confirmations well in advance, preparing the message up to a year ahead of time. 

API Text messages

Thanks to the possibility to connect  your own systems to the text messaging platform, you can automate outgoing messages directly from your own pre-existing systems without having to use third-party platforms.

Internal Communications

Some companies use single or multiple text messages to communicate with their employees and collaborators. From official communications to notices about meetings, it is possible to manage the sharing of information better and automatically.

Employee absence notices

Automated system to communicate employee absences via text message. In case of illness or other impediment, the employee can send a text message to inform of their absence and refer to the Doctor’s Note.

Coordinating with off-site staff

It is possible to use text messages as a way to remain in constant contact with staff involved in operations off-site. It is a tool that allows to keep updated in real time: e.g. when work starts, when it ends, any issues or complications etc.

Management of Personnel records

Through an automated system employees can communicate via text message any changes to be made to their personal records.

Incentives for employees

Text messages are a quick and immediate way to contact employees, agents, suppliers and other collaborators  directly. Sending text messages allows you to encourage and motivate them. 

Sales results

Send periodic updates to your sales team regarding current sales volume, targets to be reached and sales trends.    

Useful or technical communications

Through the multiple text messaging system the company can communicate to the employees and collaborators of a specific  branch that their location will not be operational on a specific date due to technical issues.

Payment Notices

Sending a text message can inform another administration that payment has been scheduled or that it has already gone through. 

Payment confirmation

Once payment has been received the company sends a text message to its client to confirm reception. 

Confirmation of paycheck deposit

Through reception of a text message on the part of the employee, it is possible to confirm the date the paycheck was deposited. 

Debt Collection

By sending an impersonal text message, often more functional than a phone call, you can let a client know about their financial situation.

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