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“Text message reception” is the service that allows you to receive messages from contacts and clients on a designated number.

It is possible, thanks to the text message reception service, to receive subscriptions and consents, activate or cancel services, obtain opinions through surveys, receive requests for information and updates.

Some examples of the use of the text message reception service

Stand search at exhibitions and trade fair
The Text message reception and transmission platform that allows users to search for a company’s stand at an exhibition or trade fair.

Surveys, Contests and evaluations

The system allows you to receive and process massive amounts of text messaging data traffic, a useful product for clients who manage voting or contests with a high volume of participants and need to process information in real time.

The system will allow the visualization of the survey or messages that interested users will send to the text message processing center.

User registration via text message
The platform receives user registrations and archives the data for processing

Communications regarding utilities
By using the client number it is possible to receive the information requested via text message.

Booking and registering for events

The platforms allows users to book events and to register for the event.

Booking seats for cinema and theatre performances

The text message system is able to receive and process the booking of seats for cinema and theatres.

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