2 factor Authentication to protect your clients and your platforms

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Hackers and scammers’ actions are increasingly more frequent, they take advantage of the vulnerability of CMS and internet platforms to steal personal data and credit card details and carry out illicit and untraceable transactions.

How does the Text Message OTP service work?

The authentication standard with Username and Password no longer guarantees enough security. The solution that has been identified and more frequently used is two factor authentication.

The 2 factor authentication system (2FA) is based on sending a second type of access credentials, a PIN (OTP) number or a one-time password, to a mobile phone number via Text Message.

The OTP Text Message is the ideal solution to guarantee your clients secure access to your web apps or your Mobile App.

The Advantages of Choosing Text Message

Text Message is the text messaging platform for everyone, simple and intuitive. You can send special promotions and communications to your contacts in a few seconds.

  • Increase Security

    With the 2 factor authentication system you reduce the possibility of online frauds. Even if a hacker is able to access one password, they won’t have the second element necessary for authentication.

  • Improve User Experience

    Clients are ever more careful about internet security and personal data protection and reward companies that share these principles.

  • Immediate Delivery

    With two factor authentication, delivery time is a fundamental aspect of the security measure. Text Message guarantees priority sending and immediate delivery for 2FA text messages.

  • Convenience

    The cost of integrating the two factor authentication system and sending the message is small compared to the costs of digital fraud

  • No Software or Hardware for the client

    The management of 2 factor authentication takes advantage of devices used by everyone, smartphones, and does not require other devices such as tokens.

Some examples of OTP Text Message service

The text message service allows you to reach clients anywhere with targeted communications in real time.

  • Registration Procedures

    Text message authentication can be used in combination with email address verification in the registration process for portals, platforms, E-commerce and apps.

  • Online Transaction Procedures

    The text message is used as an added security method upon payment to guarantee secure online transactions. More and more banks and E-commerce payment gateways manage transactions through OTP confirmation.

  • Access to private areas with sensible data

    It is the strongest authentication method to ensure that only employees have access to sensible company information. Companies, banks, hospitals, clinics, government agencies use increasingly this method of secure access.

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