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Send and receive text messages to and from your clients or users in a few seconds through Gateway SMS

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Gateway SMS allows you to send and receive text messages to/from a device directly from your applications or platforms using the main programming languages. You will be able to send single or linked text messages to one or more recipients in just a few seconds without having to access the web interface every time. .

How does the Gateway SMS work?

By integrating our Gateway SMS into your applications you will be able to automate all managing, sending and receiving processes without having to use the web interface. Moreover, by choosing the Gateway you will be able to take advantage of a number of functions and services currently available only on the Gateway.

The advantages of choosing Text Message such as Gateway SMS

Text Message is the text messaging platform for everyone, simple and intuitive. Send special offers and news to your contacts in a few seconds.

  • Gateway SMS: secure and reliable

    We guarantee maximum security and data protection. The infrastructure is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Easy Integration

    Easily integrate Gateway to software, apps and websites thanks to text message APIs. APIs are available in the main programming languages.

  • High Quality Text Messages, Bulk messages and Flash

    You will be able to choose the type of text message you wish to send: Text message with personalized sender and delivery report, bulk messages or flash messages.

  • Delivery Report

    Report with delivery status and details for every message.

  • Global Coverage

    Through Gateway SMS you can send messages all over the world.

  • Text Message Reception

    Simple integration to send text messages and receive the replies directly on your software.

  • Convert your emails into text messages

    Thanks to our services you can convert emails into text messages and vice versa both when sending and receiving messages.

Some examples of how to use Gateways SMS

The text messaging service allows you to reach clients anywhere with targeted communications in real time.

  • Two factor authentication (2FA)

    Protect your clients from scams by implementing the two factor authentication system for secure access to the software and apps and for secure transactions.

  • Reminders or appointment confirmation requests or test results availability

    It is possible to use incoming or outgoing text messages to manage appointments automatically, both for reminders and to request confirmation, or to communicate the availability of test results, all automatically by integrating the Gateway into your software.

  • Alert system or malfunction warning

    Integrate the Gateway into your monitoring and video-surveillance systems and use text messages as an alert.

  • Integration with E-commerce and Marketplace platforms

    Send text messages for Order Confirmation, Order Status, Delivery Notice. Delivery and shipment notices, and order confirmations reduce the number of calls to customer service and improve relations with clients.

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