SMS Contact Lists

invia a liste ufficiali sms

Thanks to the agreements between companies and telephone providers Vodafone and H3g we are able to create text message campaigns sending messages to the clients of the providers, with the possibility to filter the desired consumers.

The major advantage consists in being able to send communications via text message towards a target of professionals or privates, who live in a specific geographical area, therefore maximizing the chances of success of the campaign and optimizing managing costs.

What are the advantages of creating a text message campaign using lists with a defined target?

  • Geo-localized campaign, the users who receive the message reside in the area code, province or region chosen as target of reference.
  • Possibility to select the type of user, either business or private, to contact.
  • Quality of users guaranteed directly by Wind, Vodafone and Tim.
  • Feedback on the sending status of the campaign.

What are the minimum quantities and costs of a new Text Message campaign?

Once the destination target has been defined, we must also define the carrier for the text message campaign, and then the minimum order quantity for the provider.


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