Real Estate Agencies

Manage property information, appointments and closures with a text message

Manage property information, appointments and closures with a text message

Automate your real estate agency with a text message

By using the multiple and/or delayed text message software it is possible to improve the real estate agency’s activities.

Multi-channel promotional communications

Through the management system you can  generate messages aimed at specific categories of users registered in your own contact list who are interested in purchasing a property.

API text messages

Thanks to the possibility to connect  your own systems to the messaging platform autonomously, it is possible to integrate sending key messages via text directly from the agency’s own property and appointment management software. 

Brochures via text message

By sending a special message (e.g. name + email address + area) via text it is possible to receive an email with a digital brochure presenting the properties that might be of interest to the client. 

Updates on properties

Users who sign up for the agency’s text message update service will receive updates on new available properties via text.  

Requesting information

By sending a text message with a specific format (for ex. Name and number)it is possible to receive information about a property through parallel channels such as email.

Call-Back  Service

Users  who send a text message to a specific number will automatically request to be contacted by the Real Estate Agency because they want to visit a property.

Appointment Reminders

Upon confirmation of a future appointment or event it is possible to set up a planned text message on the spot, an  automated process that reminds both the agent and the client about the appointment.

Appointment Confirmation

Besides receiving the reminder, the end user will have the possibility to confirm their presence at the appointment by replying via text message. 

Building Customer Loyalty

By sending text messages with holiday greetings or connected to personal events regarding the users such as birthday wishes, companies build customer loyalty, gratifying them  with a simple text message. 

Receiving  comments and suggestions

Through the text messaging service it is possible to receive messages, suggestions and opinions that, once verified, can be published on the company’s website.  

Assignment Confirmation

Through a ticket management system it is possible to manage confirmation messages by using automated text messages.

Coordinating with off-site staff

The use of text messages as a way to remain in constant contact with staff involved in operations off-site is a useful tool that allows to keep updated in real time: e.g. when work starts, when it ends, any issues or complications etc.

Incentives for Real Estate Agents

Text messages are a quick and immediate tool that allows you to get in touch directly with staff, agents, suppliers etc. By sending them “incentive” messages, they are encouraged and motivated.  

Debt Collection

By sending an impersonal text message, often more functional than a phone call, you can let a client know about their financial situation.

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