Public and Private Schools

Communicate with the students, parents and employees through text messaging.

Communicate with the students, parents and employees through text messaging.

Text Message allows you to send text messages, automatically or manually, with important notices to citizens, teachers or students.

Communicating Students’ absences

To avoid truancy, schools can communicate the students’ absence to the parent or legal guardian via text message.  At the same time the multiple message sending system can be used to communicate the date of an event, such as a class assembly or the day report cards will be handed out.

Communicating about extraordinary Events

All academic institutions can use text messages to inform students and parents about extraordinary events or school closures. 

Call-Back Service

Parents and citizens who want information about a school can  send a text message to a specific number and will automatically be contacted by the school.

Internal Communications

Use single or multiple text messages to inform employees, collaborators and teachers about special communications, meetings, and updates

Employee absence notices

Automated system to communicate employee absences via text message. In case of illness or other impediment, the employee can send a text message to inform of their absence and refer to the Doctor’s Note.

Managing Personnel files

Through an automated process employees, teachers or citizens can communicate any variations in their personal data or any other personal information by sending a text message to the academic institution. 

API text messages

The text messaging service can be integrated with third party platforms to automate the message sending process.

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