Poker Rooms and Bingo Halls

Communicate with the players and invite them to join a poker table with a text message.

Communicate with the players and invite them to join a poker table with a text message.

API text messages

Thanks to the possibility to connect  your own systems to the messaging platform autonomously, it is possible to integrate sending key messages via text directly from the pre-existing company platform.

Discounts and Coupons

The Casino can increase access to the game room by creating marketing campaigns aimed at promoting discounts or coupon codes.

Multi-channel promotional communications

Through the management system it is possible to generate messages aimed at specific categories of users registered in your own contact list, this way you can schedule different communications and send them to different categories of users in the lists, e.g. professional poker players.

Requesting  information

By sending a text message with a specific format (for ex. Name and number)it is possible to receive information about the poker room.

Promotion Organization and events

Poker rooms, game rooms, Bingo Halls and casinos can send messages to their contacts to promote their own event, find hosts and hostesses, look for new clients, promote the event or special evening by interfacing with their audience’s mobile phones.

Quote Alert

In particular for websites that offer online betting services or forecasts, we have special packages that offer messages to notify the client about a particularly advantageous quote, sent to all the users registered on the site.

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