Mobile marketing

Reach your clients anywhere, with targeted communications in real time.

Reach your clients anywhere, with targeted communications in real time.

The text messaging platform gives companies the possibility to open new business opportunities, find new clients and improve customer loyalty.

Launching a product via text message

It is possible to use text messages to send special promotions to the contacts in your database. In a matter of seconds  you can send promotional text messages, reaching all of your customers to promote the launch of a new product or a special offer. It is also possible to schedule messages to be sent on a different date, by differentiating the messages according to category.

Promotional Text Messages to specific targets

Through the management system you can create messages aimed at specific categories of users registered on the system. it will therefore be possible to schedule different communications and send them to pre-selected categories.

API Text messages

Thanks to the possibility to connect your own systems to the messaging platform completely independently, once they have been integrated you can send key text messages directly from your pre-existing company platform.

Product Updates

The users who sign up for the Update Service via text message can receive updates on products chosen by the company for its communications.

Event promotion and organization

The system allows you to use text messages to plan your events in the best way possible, for example by confirming the client's attendance at an event planned by the company.

Brochures via text message

By sending a text message with a specific content (for ex. name + email + company name), clients can receive an email with the company's digital brochure or a special offer. This function is especially useful during exhibitions and trade fairs.

Online sales

Most companies who sell or offer booking services online, upon completion of the transaction, send a confirmation via text message to the users with information about the purchase or the booking. Text Message's platform gives you all the necessary tools to automatically send messages directly from your platform.

Requesting  information

By sending a text message with a specific format (for ex. name and mobile number) you can receive information about a product on sale through other channels.

Call-Back service

Users who send a text message to a pre-determined number will automatically request to be called back by the company to get information about products and offers.

Appointment Reminder

Upon booking an appointment or an event, you can set up right away a scheduled text message. The automated process allows the recipient to remember that on a certain date he/she has a doctor's appointment, has to take the car for a tune-up, or is approaching a payment deadline.

Appointment confirmation

Besides confirming the booking, the end user can also confirm their attendance at the appointment by replying via text message to the system.

Service activation 

By sending structured text messages (for ex. client number + service + activate) the users can activate/deactivate services on their account.

Customer service

By putting in a request via text message, users can purchase products, register or simply ask for information about the company.

Automatic system reply

Companies can integrate the text messaging service with their own systems, thereby allowing their customers to query the systems and get a reply via text message or email. 

Market Surveys

By sending text messages companies can receive feedback about the end users' satisfaction rate. 

Building Customer Loyalty

By sending text messages with holiday greetings or connected to end users' personal events such as their birthday, companies can build customer loyalty by gratifying them with a simple text message.

Notifications and deadlines via text message

Sending periodic text messages is very useful to notify clients about approaching deadlines, payment reminders, important communications and reception confirmations.

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