Hospitals and other Healthcare Services

Access medical records, book appointments and receive information through text messages.

Access  medical records, book appointments and receive information through text messages.

Automate your company with a text message

By using the multiple and/or delayed message software you can improve the activities of private and public hospitals, of local health authorities, Medical practices and veterinary clinics. 

Test results

The clients of a medical practice, hospital or laboratory can be notified via text message about the arrival of their test results.

API Text messages

Thanks to the possibility to connect your own systems to the messaging platform completely independently, once the two have been integrated you can send key text messages directly from your pre-existing company platform

Multi-channel promotional communications

Through the management system it is possible to create messages aimed at specific categories of users registered in your own contact list, this way you can create text message campaigns aimed at specific users in the facility’s list.

Requesting information

By sending a text message with a specific format (for ex. name and mobile number) you can receive information about the availability of a specific exam

Promoting and organizing events

The Health Care Facilities can send text messages to their contacts to promote an event, fundraise or organize a convention

Call-Back service

Users who send a text message to a pre-determined number will automatically request to be called back by the Health care facility.

Booking visits or services

Through the service connected to the systems the user will be able to book a medical consult or a specific exam via text message, the system will automatically respond with the outcome of the booking, and a few days before the date it will send the patient a reminder about their upcoming visit at the healthcare facility.

Appointment reminders

When booking an appointment or an event it is possible to set up immediately a scheduled text message. The automated process will allow the recipient to remember that on a specific date he/she has an appointment for a doctor’s visit, a car check-up, a payment deadline. 

Appointment Confirmation

Besides receiving the reminder, the end user can also confirm the appointment by replying via text message to the system, which will automatically register the confirmation.

Building Customer Loyalty

By sending text messages with holiday greetings or connected to personal events regarding the users such as birthday wishes, companies build customer loyalty, gratifying them with a simple text message. 

Notifications and deadlines via text message

Sending periodic text messages is very useful to notify clients about approaching deadlines, payment reminders, important communications and reception confirmations.

Receiving Comments and suggestions

Through the text messaging service it is possible to receive messages, suggestions and opinions that can be published, once verified, on the company’s own website

Appointment Reminders and calendars

You can send text messages as appointment reminders directly from a planning calendar.

Internal Communications

Some companies use single or multiple text messages to communicate with their employees and collaborators and share special communications, meeting notifications and updates.

Employee absence notices

Automated system to communicate employee absences via text message. In case of illness or other impediment, the employee can send a text message to inform of their absence and refer to the Doctor’s Note.

Coordinating with off-site staff

It is possible to use text messages as a way to remain in constant contact with staff involved in operations off-site. It is a tool that allows to keep updated in real time: e.g. when work starts, when it ends, any issues or complications etc.

Management of Personnel records

Through an automated system employees can communicate via text message any changes to be made to their personal records.

Motivating Employees

Text messages are a quick and immediate way to get in touch directly with staff, agents, suppliers etc. By sending them “incentive” messages, they are encouraged and motivated. 

Payment Notices

Sending a text message can inform another administrations that payment has been scheduled or that it has already gone through. 

Debt Collection

By sending an impersonal text message, often more functional than a phone call, you can let a client know about their financial situation.

Payment confirmation

Once payment has been received the company sends a text message to its client to confirm payment has gone through.

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