Customer Service

Computerize Customer Service with a task management service via text message.

Computerize Customer Service with a task management service via text message.

The system can be integrated with the company management software to assist clients through API, in order to improve customer service performance through text message communication. 

Reminder and appointment confirmation

Upon confirmation of an appointment or event it is possible to set up a planned text message on the spot. The automated process allows you to remind the recipient that on a specific date he/she has an appointment with the doctor, a car check-up the following day, or an approaching payment deadline. 

Ticket management via text message

Through the platform or its integration it is possible to manage the progress of an assistance Ticket via text message: from the moment the ticket is opened to the creation of its identification number, to the update about its progress status until confirmation of its closure. 

Service Activation

Users will be able to manage the activation/deactivation of services from their account by sending structured messages (ex. Client number + service + activate)

Automatic reply of systems

Companies can integrate the message sending system with their own systems, thereby giving their clients the possibility to query the systems and receive the answer via text or email. 

Notifications and deadlines via text message

Periodic text messages are very useful for deadline notifications, payment reminders, important communications and reception confirmations.

Receiving comments and suggestions

Through the text messaging service it is possible to receive messages, suggestions and opinions that, once verified, can be published on the company’s website.  

Warehouse availability

Through the query service of integrated systems via text message the user can verify the availability of a specific product in the warehouse. 

Order confirmation

Through a ticket management system it is possible to manage the sending of confirmation messages through automated text messages.

Updates regarding shipping status.

Through the interface among different systems it is possible to send, manually or automatically, a text message with  shipping confirmation and tracking number.

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